About Us

Smart & Slick is a digital and creative agency.

We Are Your Digital Department

You are a business owner or entrepreneur. You have a business to run. But in the 21st century, you need a website, you may need a mobile app, you need blog content, sales copy, graphic design, video production and so many other things.

You could create an in-house department for all of that, hire more staff, the works. But what if you don't need all of that all the time? And what if you don't want the headache of extra hires?

As a digital agency, Smart & Slick works like a bolt-on, self-managing department to your existing business.

Over 15 Years Experience

Our team has years of experience both creating and maintain digital infrastructure in a range of technologies.

Why Are We Called 'Smart & Slick'?

When we were thinking about our mission statement, we thought about who we had hired over the years to undertake the type of work we were now intending to take on for other businesses.

We decided "smart" was a good word: we want to bring intelligence to the process. We were surprised at the number of developers and designers we'd hired over the years that were competent within their skillset, but didn't seem to have much of an idea WHY we wanted things a certain way.

Besides from digital marketing and web development, we find business fascinatinng. So we've come into the market place with years of experiences in some industries, but will also take the time and trouble to learn to fully understand any industry that we're not currently familiar with.

So we wanted to be smart about things. We also wanted any design we create to look smart.

We also felt that any end-user experience we create should be slick: as in, smooth and apparently effortless. It should feel confident and not like a struggle.

Combining all of those thoughts together and we were born: Smart & Slick: the intelligent digital agency.