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A New Way To Make Money From Your Blog

May 20th, 2022
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Even in the days of YouTube, TikTok and all the other examples of new media, blogging and content based websites are still enormous and it is estimated that between 4.4 and 7 million new blog posts are posted online every single day.

The traditional income generation strategies for blogs have centred around traffic redirection. It works as follows: bloggers publish contextual ads on their websites and, when readers click them, they are redirected to the advertiser’s website. The most popular such program is Google Adsense but there are others, though the best ones have minimum traffic thresholds just to let a website join. To make a respectable income using this strategy requires a huge amount of web traffic.

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So what should you do if your blog isn’t receiving massive amounts of traffic?

A good strategy to focus on is to leverage the digital property itself – ie. the web page – rather than the reader. The web page exists as soon as it is published and will continue to exist until you take it off the Internet. If the content is of good solid quality and the blog is generally well maintained, the web page itself has a value and this can be leveraged via programs like the Smart & Slick Content Partners Program.

Here’s how it works:

You publish content on your blog (either provided by Smart & Slick, or written by you to the specifications of a provided brief), and you get paid just for posting it. How much you get paid depends on lots of factors about your blog itself, relating to how long it’s been online, how well established it is etc. But the pay can range from a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds per blog post.

Of course ideally, you should be using multiple strategies to generate an income from your blog, but having been essentially paid to publish a page is definitely one of the better methods because it’s entirely front-loaded.

And of course, even if publishing content isn’t your main line of business, we recommend every website to have a blog because Google loves frequently updated websites. So this becomes a legitimate additional revenue stream for almost any business in existence today.

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