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How To Get Engagement On Social Media

September 29th, 2022
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For better or worse, gaining traction on social media (more eyes on your content) literally depends on getting as much engagement with your content (comments, likes, laughs, angry faces) as you can. That means posting things that other people will respond to. The more this happens, and the faster it happens, the more users the social media algorithms will present your content to.

Human psychology being what it is, there are a few very predictable ways to increase your chances of this happening. In this post, we’ll go through a few of them.

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Ask a question

Literally asking a question is one way to get people to comment on your content. Because a question literally invites an answer. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the question you ask and the people you’re asking.

But bare in mind – people like to talk about themselves, so if you ask people what they think or what they do about a particular issue, you’re like to get some sort of answer.

Ask a question and post a wrong answer

A reddit user admitted to asking questions morphed with their own deliberately and appallingly wrong answer. They claimed this got responses faster because human beings like to correct people more than they like to help people. We have not tested this ourselves but on the surface it seems logical.

Say something controversial

Controversy comes in many forms. Perhaps stay away from political and ethical controversies and stick to generally harmless controversies. Take a move or TV show that’s wildly popular and say it’s crap. That works well. Because those who passionately love it will defend it. And people who don’t love it will agree with you. You’re saying what they’ve been thinking. You’re their ally.

Post Your Wins

Every time you or your business has a little win, post about it. There is a demographic of people on social media who like to read about other people’s progress. They find it inspiring. And how can inspiring people be a bad thing? It gives them the motivation to pursue their own goals.

Post Your Losses – Occasionally

Nobody likes somebody who’s always crying. But, if you post about a loss or setback once in a blue moon, shows your human side.

For business accounts, we suggest posting these long after they actually happened and explaining how you get through the problem. Otherwise you run the risk of making your business sound dysfunctional. And that could hurt your reputation.

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