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How To Get Views on YouTube

May 24th, 2021
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YouTube has two major metrics of success: subscribers and view minutes. I’ve covered how to get more YouTube subscribers before, so in this article, we’re discussing how to get more views on YouTube.

Make Videos People Want To Watch

It all starts here. Rule one of all of marketing: there needs to be a demand for the product or service. If there isn’t, it doesn’t matter how much marketing you do or how well you do it.

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When we create YouTube videos for our clients, the first stage is to research what our client’s market is interested in and what they want to watch. Then we create those videos.

Make Videos People Watch

Making videos people want to watch pertains mostly to the subject matter. In other words – what does the market in question want to know?

Making videos that people watch pertains more to taking the subject matter established, and then presenting it in a video in a way that grabs viewer attention and holds that attention.

While many still talk about how many views a video has achieved, that’s nowhere near as important in 2021 as the number of minutes a video has been viewed or.

Thus, it logically follows that videos that viewers watch all the way to the end are better than videos that get abandoned after a few seconds. YouTube will internally promote videos that get more view minutes because YouTube’s goal is to keep their users watching YouTube for as long as possible.

Rank Videos In Search

YouTube is owned by Google. Google is a search engine. Our next step towards getting thousands of YouTube views on the videos we’ve made is to get them to rank in Google and YouTube search. Naturally, videos that rank better will get more views.


We’re used this formula to achieve tens of thousands of genuine video views for our clients.

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