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How To Use The Media To Increase Your Brand Visibility

April 20th, 2021
Business newspaper article

Newspapers, magazines and other print media outlets may have transitioned from the news stand to the Internet, but print media is still a highly consumed format. In this article I’m going to briefly explain how almost any business, organisation or individual can leverage print media to increase the visibility of their brand.

Every day millions of people browse the Internet to read news and related topical content from digital media outlets ranging from local and national newspapers to magazine websites and blogs (like this one!) and every day those websites need to post new stories and articles. By continuously publishing new content, these websites keep their audiences coming back for more. And it’s because their audiences come back again and again that makes these websites a highly suitable place for them to come across new brands like yours.

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When we put together PR campaigns for our clients, our objective is to get our client’s brands featured in various print media outlets on a regular basis. This way, their audiences are exposed to the brand over and over again over a period of weeks or months and it goes from being something they’ve never heard of, to something they feel relatively familiar with and might even take some initiative to explore further, if they think the brand might help make their life better.

Many digital media outlets command huge readerships which means that even seemingly small wins can multiply in value quite quickly and it is very possible to go from unknown to locally famous within 6 months.

For personal brands, this can lead on to other opportunities including radio and television appearances.

Want Your Business To Appear In The Media?

At Smart & Slick we help our clients to increase their brand visibility by leveraging the media. If you’d like to learn more about how this can benefit your business or brand, talk to us today and we’d be happy to advise.

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