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Question From Potential Client: “If you’re so good at ranking in Google, how come when I search for web design in my location, your site isn’t where I end up?”

March 31st, 2021
SEO question

This is a common and perfectly valid question. It seems logical that if we are as good at search engine optimisation as we say we are, then SmartAndSlick.com should rank for web design in every location, right?

SEO is an interestingly paradoxical service to offer. The fact that you may not have found this page by having Google refer you to it from a search result (which is pretty unlikely for this page, by the way) may be suggestive that we’re all talk and no results.

we build websites

But there is in fact, a really good reason why you didn’t find us on Google…

We do not intend you do. We haven’t really tried to rank yet for those search terms.

Let me explain…

The thing about SEO is that, of all the possible marketing strategies out there, SEO is one of the longer term strategies. It doesn’t pay off over night. Thus, for a young business like us, SEO is not the best way to spend our time or money.

As well as being a long term strategy, the exact road map to a #1 ranking in Google for any search term or keyword phrase is never known. As we get closer to the number 1 spot, the competition tends to get increasingly fierce. So while Google still displays a list of 10 search results for any search term, the distance between being 5th and being 4th may be much greater than the distance was between 6th and 5th. This makes SEO a little bit speculative which again means that it’s not where we recommend startups focus their attention and resources.

One day, we will rank for web design and our other services in almost every location in Britain. For now, we’re doing far better by targeting long tail keyword phrases with our blog articles. Yes, it’s more labour intensive, but the point is that it works.

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