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Why Using WordPress For Everything Is A Bad Idea

April 2nd, 2022
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WordPress is the most popular web framework in use today. It is believed that a staggering 45% of the entire Internet runs on WordPress. And that’s because what started out as a blogging software has been expanded and extended by the open source community and plugin library for hundreds and hundreds of different use cases.

We have built dozens of WordPress websites and can make WordPress do pretty much anything. And it’s a very common request from clients and prospective clients to create a some form of website or web-app using WordPress. Many business owners and entrepreneurs request this because they cannot code themselves and don’t want the bother of having a website or web-app that they cannot maintain themselves. Makes sense on the surface. But in our opinion, using WordPress for literally every use case may be theoretically possible, but is not a good idea.

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Here’s why:

Plugin Conflicts

Non-tech-savvy business owners and entrepreneurs rely heavily on WordPress’s extensive plugin library to get web-app-like functionality without paying a lot. However, it is not uncommon for plugins to conflict with one another, producing unpredictable results. This can cause havoc with development because if the website or we-app relies heavily on a particular plugin to achieve a particular business objective, it will then become necessary to work around whatever problem has been created by the plugin-conflict. This will make scaling difficult, if not impossible.

What if Development Stops?

Relying on free plugins, on the surface, seems great! You can potentially achieve a huge amount of functionality for almost no cost. But, what if one or more of the plugins your website – and therefore you business – depends on, stops being developed? Where will you be?

It Breaks The ‘No Black Boxes’ Rule

Somebody in your business – either yourself or a member of staff or an outside contractor – should understand and be responsible for everything your business relies upon in order to work. A plugin might work. But if nobody understands exactly how, then when things go wrong, there’s going to be a problem.

When we build tech to achieve a business goal for you, we understand and guarantee our work.

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