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Finally: All-In-One Marketing Solutions For Performers

If you’re an actor, comedian, magician or singer, the chances are that all you want to do is focus on performing. And it’s important that you do. You can’t be the best at what you do if you don’t focus on it 100%.

But show business is 2 words: First there’s the SHOW and then there’s the BUSINESS. Neither works without the other and both are very time consuming to do well.

So you focus on the show and we’ll focus on the marketing. Because let’s be honest – you just want it taken care of.

Wouldn’t you prefer to just turn up to the gig or the theatre and do your stuff? No messing about with posters and flyers etc. Would you prefer that all the advertising and marketing and even a lot of the PR has just been dealt with and taken care of.

This is exactly what our all-in-one marketing for performers package does. We’ll build your website, manage your social media, take care of all your posters and flyers – including distribution, we’ll do your PR, and we even offer business consulting to assist with improving your business model.

Basic Branding

We create a logo and “look” for your marketing material that visually communicates what you do and the tone and style of your work. We can also tweak an existing brand.

This will be used on all your future marketing material – posters, flyers. your website, everything!

We also construct your brand’s origin story. This is a story that will stay with you for the rest of your performing career.


We build you a professional website that takes that branding and combines it with all the other features of a website to represent you in your best light.

All Smart & Slick websites come fully-responsive (this means they look great on all screen sizes) as standard.

Social Media Management

Business Consulting

Local/National PR Starter Package

We take all of the above and tell the press about it to widen your reach and increase the recognition of your brand.

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