We build websites that sell.

  • Clean and professional, fully responsive web design for businesses, brands & influencers.
  • Massively increase your credibility, authority and status.
  • Have your customers trust you on a gut level.
  • Increase conversion rates for sales and newsletter opt-ins.

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We Are Smart & Slick

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Hello! We are a web design agency dedicated to helping small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to kick ass!

Whether your customer base is local or nationwide, your website is likely to be the very first interaction any new client or customer has with your business or brand.

Your website has one job before all others: to influence prospective customers to choose you over your competitors.

At Smart & Slick, we promise you two things:

  • A website that you'll be proud of.
  • Unparalleled customer service, a transparent process and excellent communication.

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Why You'll Love Working With Us...

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A Professional Service From A Web Design Agency You Can Trust

We believe that your website should be a place you can send prospects and clients with pride and confidence, knowing they'll be impressed by it.

Your dedicated web designer will work with you to identify what you need your website to do, and how best to achieve those goals.

Once we're all agreed on what the plan is, your designer will go away and build your website to your exact specifications, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

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Bespoke Web Design That Captures The Essence Of You or Your Brand

We know you don't just want a website. You want a website that really communicates your brand values and unconciously makes your prospects feel like they know you.

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From simple brochure to complex web-app... we can build it!

We build complex websites as well as simple ones.

So whether you're looking to build a simple but attractive brochure, or the next Booking.com, we have the know-how and expertise to help you realise your vision.

How We Create A
5-Figure First Impression
For Your Business

When a new visitor hits your homepage for the first time, they will unconciously decide whether there is any chance of them doing business with you. And they'll make this decision within 3 seconds of landing on your page.

How can they make this decision in just 3 seconds?

Three seconds isn't very long. Not long enough to read the page.

They decided based on design. Because design communicates essence.

What is 'Essence'? And How Does It Help?

Your essence is like your personality. It's what you're about and what you're not about.

Graphic design is a language. Using a combination of colours, shapes & fonts, amongst other things, we use the language of graphic design to communicate to your market, what they can expect from dealing with you.

We can preach all day long that we shouldn't judge books by their covers or people by their appearance. But we all do it. And in 2024, we also judge businesses by their websites.

For example, Smart & Slick's branding is clean and vibrant, energetic, professional yet casual, and approachable. These values and personality traits are communicated through a white and red colour scheme, and our font.

We know that this will attract a particular kind of client. We're unlikely to attract stuffy businesses because our branding doesn't suggest that we are that way.

When essence is communicated, it acts as a screener: it attracts the right people and repels the wrong people.

Why Do We Promote Confidence?

So far, we've communicated your essence using a bunch of design choices. If the visitor hasn't hit the back button, it's because they're interested.

The next potential barrier is trust. So our job is to do a bunch of things that are going to promote confidence in your business.

Encourage Action

Everything else we've done up to now has been building up to this moment. The visitor likes you, wants to do business with you, trusts you...

We need them to take action. We need them to fill out a form or sign up or click 'buy' or pick up the phone.

We need to make it clear to the user what we want them to do and how they should do it.

Look Awesome Everywhere

Fantastic on any screen size...

Modern websites have to be ready for anything. In 2021 websites are viewed on a range of different devices from mobile phones all the way up to large panel LCD monitors. Your website has to look awesome on any screen size.

Social Media Ready

When you share your URL on social media, you want it to look professional, right? You want your company's essence to already be ouzing out of the link preview.

What It's Like To Be A Smart & Slick Client...

More than just a web design agency.

Our Design Process

team meeting


The Initial Consultation

Together, we establish what you want and the best way of delivering it.

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The Design Loop

Your designer will go away and come up with ideas. You can say yes or no to various elements.

Depending on the complexity of the project, this can take serious time.

As a guide, most brochure websites can complete this step within 2 weeks while complex web apps can take substantially longer.

team work makes the dream work


And A Vision Is Born!

Your website will be coded up, converting from ideas into an actual website!

Our Web Design Packages

Brand Brochure Website Design

Fully-responsive web design

A beautifully designed fully-responsive website that displays your information with confidence.

  • Ideal for a website face lift.
  • Perfect for if you already have marketing assets that convert.

From £795

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Turn around time: 1 week to 3 months (depending on complexity)

The Complete Online Sales Solution

Fully-responsive Web Design + Marketing Assets (sales copy, videos, photography)
  • You don't really want a website, you want an online selling machine.
  • When we do your web design and your sales copy we get to consider the project more holistically.

From £1995

Get Started

Turn around time: 1 to 3 months

The Complete Online Sales & Visibility Solution

Web Design + Marketing Assets + Digital Marketing


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