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We Build Websites That Impress

websites that impress
  • Clean and professional, fully responsive web design for businesses, brands & influencers.
  • Massively increase your credibility, authority and status.
  • Have your customers trust you on a gut level.
  • Increase conversion rates for sales and newsletter opt-ins.

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Make A Fantastic First Impression With A Website That Turns Heads…

In today’s world, your website is your storefront. It’s likely to be the first direct contact a new prospective client or customer has with your business or brand.

It is your website that will make your first impression. So you need website that’s up to shouldering that responsibility.

How many prospective clients are bouncing off your website due to poor design? How much money are you losing?

A Smart & Slick website impresses the socks off your prospects. You know the kind of site we’re talking about: you see their clean, crisp homepage and you immediately know in your gut that this company, this brand, this product is the answer to your problems.

Your website has less than 3 seconds to sell…

When a new visitor lands on a website, they judge it almost instantly and make a decision about whether they’re sticking around to explore.

You know this, because you’ve done it yourself. We all have.

Your visitors know within 3 seconds whether they’re prepared to do business with you or not. Does your current website have the power to make them say YES to exploring further?

Contrary to what companies like Wix try to tell you, professional web design isn’t something you can do yourself. To beat your competition, you need an exceptionally designed, fast loading website that looks great on any of the growing number of screen sizes people use nowadays.

You need an experienced team of professionals. You need your own team of Avengers.

Challenge Accepted…

While most web designers just understand computer code, our team possesses an advanced skill base combining coding with other disciplines including design that says all the right things, and a deep understanding of human psychology.

Meet The Smart And Slick Team

The Designer

An expert in influencing emotion with colour and font, the designer specialises in presenting you or your business in the best possible light, communicating on a deep level your values.

The CopyWriter

An expert in influencing actions using words, the copywriter creates killer headlines and sales copy to create rapport with readers.

The Psychologist

An expert in influencing and predicting actions, the psychologist supervises both the designer and the writer, masterminding the overall process of taking visitors by the hand, screening them for suitability and then walking them through the process of helping them to change their own future.

The Coder

An expert in web design, the coder creates for the Internet what the designer, psychologist and writer produce in the studio.

Smart And Slick Secrets: How Our Websites Sell

Secret #1: Design Sells The Company

Website visitors unconsciously ask themselves questions when landing on a website that’s new to them. The first two of these questions are:

  • Can I trust this?
  • Are they any good at what they do?

And they base this judgement first and foremost on your website design.

Good design unconsciously signals competence and trust, and builds credibility and status. This is the same whether it’s a eCommerce website or a reference source.

Your website’s first impression – and therefore your company’s first impression – is based almost entirely on the quality of your website design. And you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Thus, good design directly improves your ROI on your SEO and advertising budgets.

Secret #2: Design Sells The Rest Of The Content On The Website

It’s human nature to listen to and be lead by figures and organisations of authority. Design builds authority. And because of that, by selling the company, design sells the rest of the content on the website.

That’s not just your products. That’s your free content, your newsletter, your YouTube channel… everything.

You could spend thousands upon thousands of pounds on high converting copy, videos, and ads. A poor design will hamper all your other marketing efforts.

Secret #3: Design Communicates More Powerfully Than Copy

Design communicates on an emotional level. It makes people feel. We combine design with Jungian psychology models in order to instantly communicate to the visitor who you are and what you do.

Secret #4: Great Design Directs Action

When Apple calls its devices intuitive, it’s because such care and attention to detail has been taken with design that it’s sort of obvious how to use an Apple device.

Any high converting website influences visitors into taking actions that the website owner wants them to take. And whether that’s to sign up to a mailing list, watch a video or buy a product, the website design helps to tell the visitor what to do.

Secret #5: Smart & Slick Websites Are Hand Coded

Smart & Slick websites are hand-coded from scratch. Each and every time. No plugins or frameworks. This keeps them light and fast loading.

Secret #6: Smart & Slick Websites Are Search Engine Candy

Our websites aren’t just eye candy – they’re search engine candy too!

SEO, for the uninitiated, is an industry abbreviation which stands for search engine optimisation and refers to the process of making a website rank well in Google and other search engines.

Because Smart & Slick also provides SEO services, we understand that we’re really building two websites at the same time: the website that impresses users and get them to take action, but also the website that Google will rank well.

Most off-the-shelf WordPress themes are not designed this way. And that’s why our websites rank better.


weddingsupermarket.co.uk, theme using Elementor – Rank 12

weddingsupermarket.co.uk, theme using Customizr – Rank 8

Smart & Slick Website – Rank 1

No change was made to the backlink profile of the website.

What It’s Like To Be A Smart & Slick Client

Testimonial slider.

Your Project

Every project we work on goes through our 5 step process.

#1. The Initial Consultation

Every project starts with an initial consultation, during which we learn about your business, brand or project. The objective here is to find out who you are, what you’re all about and what your business goals are.

#2. Concept Pitches

We go away, taking everything we’ve learned, and develop some designs that reflect your business, brand or project’s character and essence.

#3. Feedback

You tell us what you like and don’t like before selecting one design to develop into the final website.

#4. Complete The Project

We go ahead and complete the website.

#5. The Big Grin

We unveil to you your shiny new website. You are really pleased. And you grin. A lot.

And… we’ve got your back!

Additionally, all website packages come with 1 year free subscription to our Maintenance Service

Industry Grade Protection

In 2020, your website is mission-critical to your business. And unexpected hack attacks that literally cripple your business can be expensive and time-consuming to solve, not to mention the possible irreversible damage to your company from permanent loss of data and reputation. The last thing you want to do is pay for a professional website design and then have it attacked and deleted by hackers.

Our industry grade protection service helps you protect your investment, by making all of the above our problem and not yours. We protect you 24/7 from hack attacks and data loss.


BizHub: Our Community

All our clients get 1yr access to our members community for free!

BizHub is our online members area and forum. It gives you 24/7 access to our extremely experienced board of directors, who have more than 100 years of collective business experience between them.

So you don’t get stuck!

Smart & Slick Web Design Offers

For Companies

  • Digital eye candy guarantee
  • A design that reflects the personality and values of your business


  • Restaurants
  • Dentists
  • Solicitors
  • Start-Ups

For Influencers

  • Skyrocket your credibility and status.
  • Build massive authority


  • Aspiring media personalities
  • Authors
  • Entertainers
  • Consultants
  • Social Media Stars
  • Public Speakers

For Startups

  • Get your business started.
  • Be taken seriously


  • Early-stage Startups