Smart & Slick SEO Company offers SEO services to rank our clients' websites in Google.

Your market is looking for you.
We make sure they find you.

Every day, millions of people use Google to find solutions to their problems. As an SEO company in Hertfordshire, we position your website to be found be people who your business can help.

We do this using a process called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Good question. But the answer is really nerdy. It's kept our founder fascinated for 18 years, but most people don't find it so interesting. So I won't go into it too much. We know all about it so that you don't have to. If you really want to learn what SEO is, we wrote a few blog articles on it. First you'll have to learn how search engines work.

All you need to know is that it's completely legal and completely 'white hat' and that it results in your website being found by people who are actively looking for what it is that you sell. That's right - they're actually looking for it, actively, right there in that moment. Which makes them very easy to sell to.

About Our SEO Company in Hertfordshire

Our founder, Adam, has been obsessed with SEO since he was a teenager. So perhaps it made sense that he'd eventually found an SEO services company.

Why Choose Our SEO Company in Hertfordshire?

There are many SEO companies in London and the surrounding area including many agencies offering SEO in Hertfordshire. Why should you choose us?

Do we know more? Do we get results faster? Is our service better?

Maybe. The truth is, we couldn't say. Because we don't know. Because there's no way of keeping track of all of that.

So we're not going to spend any time telling you why we're better than any other SEO agency Hertfordshire has to offer. We're not going to spend any time telling you that we're more affordable than other SEO companies UK wide. Because the truth is we don't know. And we think it unlikely that any other SEO company in Hertfordshire does either.

So instead of focusing on such unprovable nonsense, we'll just tell you what we can offer and why we think we're the greatest SEO company in Hertfordshire!

18 Years of Experience Doing SEO

Yes, we know our stuff. Of course we do. That's how we're able to get results for our clients. And after 18 years of ranking all kinds of websites for all kinds of terms, you could say we have a long term relationship with Google. Our founder has been doing this since PageRank was a thing! (Nerd joke).

Future proof, white hat strategies only

We know that when approaching SEO, we know that it pays to adopt a long term mindset and that being short termist about strategy will not produce the long term results that our clients want. After all, SEO is a long term marketing strategy. You want your web pages to rank on the first page of Google and stay there.

Now, you may or may not know that at various times in Google's history there have been little hacks that can be implemented which resulted in essentially cheating the Google algorithm and getting high rankings for web pages sometimes overnight.

But Google is and always has been a work in progress. It changes and it learns. And all of those hacks, without exception, stop working after a few months. We don't entertain such methods. We're working to get you long term consistent rankings. So that once we get your pages to rank, those rankings last a long time.

We would never do anything to your website that we wouldn't do to our own.

A friendly and approachable vibe...

We also offer a friendly and personal vibe. We treat your Hertfordshire business like our own.

Working with a digital agency to fulfil the needs of your business's web presence is a long term relationship. And like all long term relationships, it's all about the vibe.

We believe in working hard and playing hard too!

We're the only SEO company in Hertfordshire to...

Transparent fee structure

And, once you're our client, we don't hold anything back. There are no up-sells or upgrades or pay-more-to-access this or that or the other.

Real results, demonstrated by Real Data

We take a no-nonsense and client focused approach. We understand we exist to serve you and your business and whatever we do, if it doesn't help you sell more of your products or services, then it was ultimately pointless.

What's why, on your client dashboard, we'll give you real data showing the real difference our SEO services have made to your business.

"If you're such a great SEO company in Hertfordshire, why don't you rank #1 for the term 'SEO company in Hertfordshire'?"

Ahhh. We thought you'd never ask. The age old SEO catch-22. If we're so good, why don't we rank for every term under the sun?

Well... like we said, SEO is a long term marketing strategy. And some terms are more competitive than others. And I'm sure you can imagine that SEO companies trying to rank for SEO related search terms makes them some of the most competitive terms out there.

And yes, we don't rank for every term we'd like to rank for yet. But one day, if we keep it at, we will. It is inevitable.

There will be a day when we rank for 'SEO company in Hertfordshire' and in fact just 'SEO company'. And that will be a the culmination of years of persistent and consistent effort.

But for now, just for the record, we are ranked for the term at 19th. Which means we do rank better than many other companies.

But another valid question is this: are the terms you want to rank for anywhere near as competitive as 'SEO company in Hertfordshire'? Probably not? So then why hire a sledge-hammer to crack a nut? The fact is that even ranking at position 100 is an achievement worthy of merit, and proof that can help your business's website rank for the terms you want to rank for.

What Happens When You Become Our Client?

You may want to know what happens when you become a Smart & Slick SEO client, so we'll give you an overview of the process.

During your initial consultation, you will have met our founder, Adam, and discussed your current position with regards to your website's rankings in Google, and what you are looking to achieve with your first SEO campaign. So you will already have decided on a goal you want us to achieve for you. We will also have agreed upon a timescale to make it happen.

As well as that, Adam will also have discussed with you the likely to cost of reaching the goal, our fees and everything else. So that at the point when you become a client, everything is very very clear.

We'll then go to work on making it happen, giving you updates along the way.

We're contactable on WhatsApp at any time and will usually respond within 12 hours (at the very latest - usually it won't take anywhere near that long).

What An SEO Company Does: Our Approach To Achieving Search Engine Visibility For Our Clients

Our SEO Process

It all starts with research...

First we study your website, your market and search data in order to develop a strategy for getting your website seen.

Website Optimisation

Next, we optimize the pages of your website in order to make Google like them. On most sites, this just involves small but important tweaks to the code.

Link Building

Finally, we use a variety of techniques to get other websites to link to yours.

Our SEO Services Are Guaranteed

While we cannot promise you specific results, we have taken steps to guarantee our efforts.

For example, we've developed specialised software to guarantee the longevity of our campaigns.

All content we generate for our clients is monitored. So if anything goes down, we know and we can do something about it.

All third-party websites we work with are carefully vetted.

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Top of Google?

Search engine optimisation is a long term strategy for getting seen by potentially thousands of people who are actively looking for you to solve their problem.

The short answer to 'How long does it take?' is that it depends on what you're selling. Some industries are far more competitive than others. Naturally, positioning a website in an aggressively competitive niche will take much longer than positioning a website in a less competitive niche.

With that in mind, remember that part of our job as an SEO company is strategy. It's our job to figure out the most cost effective way of getting you results (ie. search engine traffic) the fastest.

What Do Your SEO Services Cost?

Every website and every campaign is different. Because of this, we cannot to give sticker prices for SEO services. It all depends on how much work we estimate it will take to position you well. The service you eventually receive is tailored specifically to the needs of your website and your business.

To discuss what we can do for you, please email us and we'll be happy to discuss it further.